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  • Is "GaN" - the new black-gold of our RF world ?

    GaN (gallium nitride) offers a clear advantage over today’s technologies in power size and efficiency.
    When the number of low- and high-bandwidth devices multiply, CATV networks and cellular base stations bear the burden. So, what can a network provider do? The answer – somewhat surprisingly – is to borrow from the defense industry. When times get tough in the commercial electronics space, network providers seek to adopt high-gain, high-power RF solutions from defense radar and communications systems, including many that depend on gallium nitride.

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  • A system for adjustment and maintenance of RFoG devices in PON network

    The system for adjustment and maintenance of return paths in PON network with RFoG nodes is built based on Headend standard equipment and additional units performing the measurement and monitoring functions. On the figure is shown a portion of Headend equipment necessary for configuring a complete system for adjustment and monitoring the return paths of a PON network with RFoG nodes.

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  • DTK Electronics & Pooh Bear Kindergarten wish you Happy New 2018 Year!

    This year, in the spirit of Christmas, DTK Electronics decided to surprise with some presents the little ones from „ Pooh Bear” Kindergarten ( ДГ „ Мечо Пух“ ) from Knezha – a small town situated in the north of Bulgaria. The children were very excited to receive our gifts that put huge smiles on their faces.

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  • Swedish companies report stable and positive trade growth between Sweeden and Bulgaria

    DTK Electronics participated in the presentation “Bulgaria – an Attractive Market for Swedish Business” that was held at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event was organized in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden in Sofia....

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  • RF over Glass Technology (RFoG)

    DTK's No OBI RFoG Optical Node ORD-5561 enables cost-effective positioning of full interactive video, voice, and data services over an RFoG network. Optimized upstream wavelength pre-conditioning accommodates up to 16 ONUs to be deployed into a single receiver. DTK Electronics NO OBI (No Optical Beat Interference) technology allows multiple upstream RF channels transmissions. enabling full DOCSIS 3.1 channel bonding to be deployed efficiently utilizing all available upstream bandwidth.

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  • Information about visits, exhibitions and development

    30/06/2017 - 01/07/2017 DTK Electronics @ ANGACOM 2017 Exhibition. Cologne, Germany. 26/04/2017 - 27/04/2017 DTK Electronics @ DIGITAL WORLD & PUKOS Conference. Belgrade, Serbia.

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