Gate-65 is a device realizing DIB function compatible with DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS standards. Minimum time session can be easily adjusted in wide limits. For mounting on every CATV branch, serving a small group of modems. Minimum insertion loss in forward path. Hermetic case which allows mounting in places with high humidity.

• Adjusting time session duration
• Compatible with DOCSIS 3.0 and EuroDOCSIS 3.0
• Easy monitoring and location of CATV branches with high noise level
• Selectable power-up delay of power supply            
• IP65 Protection Level

Dynamic ingress blocking (DIB) is a technology to improve signal to noise ratio in the reverse path of the CATV networks, which achieves a significant reduction in packet loss and thereby increasing the speed of data transfer and increasing the capacity of the networks.

This is achieved by mounting the DIB devices on each CATV network branch, serving a small number of modems. While all modems in CATV network branch are inactive ("silent") DIB device hold reverse path blocked, thereby preventing its generated noises to penetrate the rest of the network.

In the event of a signal from a modem connection to the network is performed again. Thus, in each period of time (time division) in the CATV network noise enters only from the branch, which has an active modem.